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Case Studies

Clear and unblock compacted downpipes - 14th November 2018

Wondering why the water floods over the guttering? See the compacted debris in downpipes that have been ignored for years. We provide all the skill, energy and solutions to meet property gutter concerns.... [Read More]

Roof repairs - 27th February 2018

Emergency call out - roof panel's detached in high wind. Solutions from OutoftheGutter customer happy! No more leaks, safe secure and sealed... [Read More]

Historical Norfolk mill gutter cleaning services - 14th December 2017

Continued services for this local Mill & other historical valued properties, need extra TLC? OOTG always available to care for customer & property... [Read More]

Be aware of priority maintenance - 14th December 2017

Dislodged roof tiles, replacement service identified by OOTG survey's SAVE NOW... [Read More]

Bird protection - showrooms need clean cars - 7th December 2017

Car showroom forecourt bird protection - keeping new cars clean... [Read More]

Clear drains before needed - SAve Money - 6th December 2017

Gutter drains need maintenance too, clear them before needed... [Read More]

Commercial contracts - keeping up with the need - 4th December 2017

Out of the Gutter - Continue monthly, quarterly, half yearly and bi-annual contract services to meet every property owners needs.... [Read More]

Norfolk & Suffolk Farming Services - 30th November 2017

Properties & buildings require services during any season - recommended GutterVac cleaning & drain solutions... [Read More]

Schools OUT for summer - OutoftheGutter are often in - cleaning! - 17th July 2017

We have often been asked to contract clean schools. Wymondham High School is one we completed during 2016 and this year we attend as far as Thetford, providing 3 story and high level GutterVac cleaning for public buildings, we meet maintenance costs within a genuine budget. Survey in time for school breaks, so as not to delay any required works.... [Read More]

End of tenancy cleans? - conservatory's made ready for new tenants - 14th July 2017

Every OOTG customer is important, we aim to respond to enquiries swiftly - we can often do same day cleans, depending on area, requirements & staff scheduling - if we can? - know we will!... [Read More]

Commercial surveys with swift quotations -SAVE MONEY NOW - 14th July 2017

OOTG services and solutions are provided to aid any maintenance budget, we select local areas and incorporate past or new enquiries that are then re generated to receive the continued best in quality customer service and care, OOTG follow up system is appreciated and customers ask us back - reviews & feedback speak loud -Have you been surveyed this year?... [Read More]

Commercial clearance & contract cleaning - 7th July 2017

Enquiries from commercial companies welcome - we access and maintain units all over Norfolk, keeping storage and factories sealed dry and maintained, gutters require OOTG services, call us before the landlord gives you the task. We are insured, IPAF registered & have staff more than willing... [Read More]

Storm drain clearance - 6th July 2017

Pressure washing brick weave drive - we clear and unblock drains and gullies too!... [Read More]

Surveys to meet every need - 30th June 2017

OOTG provide no obligation surveys, offering quotations and insight for every external cleaning need -see the difference when photographs reveal things you never knew where happening to your building, we can get it sorted the OutoftheGutter way.... [Read More]

Solar panel cleaning - gutters & more planned decking pressure washing to follow - 26th June 2017

We arrived to clean the planned gutters, then cleaned the solar panels and we return in due course to complete the OOTG services with the decking treatments & pressure washing before the end of the season - Great customers - great service - always ask OOTG... [Read More]

Pressure washing - 21st June 2017

The full works the OOTG way, treatments, gutters, Hedgehog clean & replacement, pressure washing, re sanding & sealing all in a days work - ask for details, don't leave that neglected look wait too long.... [Read More]

Weybourne - All Saints Church - Gutters/clock tower/belfry/roof moss/cleaning & repairs - 12th June 2017

All Saints Church Weybourne following surveys - we attend to British heritage churches and buildings in need of maintenance, gutter and drain or gully clearance, remove roof moss from tiles, unblock downpipes, clear tower levels, provide surveys & supply & fit bird control - prices subject to survey for height & safe access... [Read More]

Bird & pest control supplied & fitted - Weybourne All Saints Church - 12th June 2017

All Saints Church Weybourne following surveys - we attend to British heritage churches and buildings in need of maintenance, gutter and drain or gully clearance, remove roof moss from tiles, unblock downpipes, clear tower levels, provide surveys & supply & fit bird control - prices subject to survey for height & safe access... [Read More]

Repair downpipes & fit security - 12th June 2017

Fit and secure downpipe guards, protect from moss, debris and tiresome blockages that causes extensive damage over the years. Re digging a new soak away disrupts, costs time, energy & MONEY... [Read More]

De-ionised water cleaning to stained glass windows - 8th June 2017

OOTG offers 100% pure water treatment for windows using de-ionised water, cleans glass and particularly stained glass in churches keeping protected our heritage so that the congregation can view any window story and scenery with increased clarity - a very contented Parish and we win again!... [Read More]

Removing neglected moss - 6th June 2017

OOTG moss treatment services for neglected areas, always needed to keep gutters and downpipes clear. Maintain now, save expense - later ask OOTG for AlgoclearPro Softwash services - Get rid of that moss... [Read More]

Drayton Hall - 16th May 2017

Committed to cleaning up history, we maintain the 200m+ of domestic and commercial gutters on all external buildings at Drayton Hall, Drayton. Committed to quality team work, H&S and positive content satisfied customers who appreciate the rain staying in the gutters.... [Read More]

Greenhouse roof cleaning - 12th April 2017

Exceptionally intricate, yet H&S well executed task by lightest of our risk assessment team, greenhouse roof made clean for the first time in 10years, Gutters & glass - see the difference we make with OOTG deionised water... [Read More]

Long Stratton - GutterVac Commercial cleaning - 6th June 2015

Proven & approved contract cleaners for major stores and commercial properties throughout Norfolk, regular visits aid maintenance & surveyors teams, check out Out of the Gutter bronze, silver & gold solutions services - it will save you time & money!... [Read More]

Clean, treat & refresh tired decking - 6th June 2015

Decking looking tired, worn, faded - we pre treat, clean & stain, oil or seal bring back to life that faded finish. Keep timber protected for the summer heat.... [Read More]

Repainting pre sale property - Wymondham - 6th June 2015

First impressions always count! - complete exterior house repaint, replacement barge boards, black plinth and minor repairs to make good for agent photograph - customer satisfied more than expected - sold within days!... [Read More]

Gutter Force Cleaning

Completion 2 weeks on Norwich site, GutterVac'd & cleaned - dormers too! - 23rd January 2015

OOTG cleaning solutions & maintenance to 94 high rise, 3-4 storey flats in Norwich, completed today1 No job too cold - call us for more details!... [Read More]

Keeping British history clean & well maintained - 16th September 2014

How precious are our historical properties in the UK, We love to attend to and provide solutions that are perfectly fit for purpose. Gutter Vac cleaning is still the best way and easiest way, you have to see and experience the results yourself!... [Read More]

Emergency - Emergency call out, flooding sorted the OOTG way - 3rd September 2014

We pride ourselves on customer service and it is our cause to assist, customers in urgent. All sorted within 24hrs of call out! - Customer satisfaction... [Read More]

Keep up the British appearance! - 2nd September 2014

Gutters cleaned, gullies emptied, tiles replaced, conservatory, glass cleaned, wrought iron made clean even a Hedgehog or two, will assist!... [Read More]

Autumn clean in opreparation for winter! - 2nd September 2014

Remove the years, of moss, seeds, weeds and debris, prepare for rain, keep those gutters clear, fit a Hedgehog Gutter Brush make life easy!... [Read More]

Ipswich - Motor trade showroom cladding cleaning - 22nd May 2014

Signage, cladding, external showroom glass, 100% pure water wash down!... [Read More]

Gutter debris a little more than you'd expect - 9th July 2013

Out of the Gutter clearing up the debris again! This is the result of more than 3 years of gutter debris contaminated from bird infested air space. No job to heavy for our team - keeping properties fit for purpose!... [Read More]

Blakney - full MOT - Gutters, hedgehog, solar panel & conservatory - 24th April 2013

All you could ever wish for in a day! Every area of uPVC sparkling clean and the sun shone all day! Solar panels now free from bird mess, gutters clear and filled with the Hedgehog gutter brush, conservatory washed top to bottom and all treated with 100% pure water now like new for longer! Another satisfied customer!... [Read More]

Cromer Road commercial pressure wash cleaning - 6th March 2013

Cromer Road Norwich commercial premises, gutter's, fascia's, windows and entrance door cleaning ~ gleaming clean ready TO LET... [Read More]

Elsing Mill - GutterVac annual clean - 14th February 2013

Repeat business, every satisfied customer returns!... [Read More]

Moss clearance & pressure washing - Mattishall - 26th October 2012

Moss clearance, gutterVac clearance, approved treatments before images... [Read More]

Hasley House - Cromer - 22nd October 2012

Access limits reached, bird grille supplied & fixed, spikes provided - Hedgehog Gutter Brush now lightening the maintenance burden! Services provided by OOTG team work!... [Read More]

Brand new installation - FreeFoam deepflow with hedgehog gutter brush - 19th October 2012

Check us out for new replacements too! - Registered Freefoam Plastics installers... [Read More]

Conservatory clean Sheringham - 12th October 2012

100% pure water frame, door & window scrub and roof clean - Sheringham... [Read More]

Survey Kings Lynn - serious blocked gutters, moss and bird problems - 3 storey building with limited access - 9th August 2012

Attended Kings Lynn today, to assist customer with guttering concerns for owners of these 6 flats all under one very high roof, experiencing gutter overflow flooding onto roof with moss lifting tiles, blocked downpipes, moss and bird problems - can we help - yes of course, we're able! IPAF registered we can get the equipment required to access anywhere.... [Read More]

Survey pressure washing patio and garden paving ~ Sheringham - 7th August 2012

Visited this customer Tuesday, surveyed and measured, agreed service contract and began the job within 2 hours. Three other enquiries in the same area also gained we're visiting Sheringham again soon... [Read More]

York Stone pressure washer cleaning - Attlebridge - 25th July 2012

Specialist cleaning treatment for this York stone patio and hard surface paving surrounding the property. OOTG Whirl-a-way pressure washer brings renewed life and the original colours back to reveal another perfect finish... [Read More]

Sheringham - 24th July 2012

Survey & works begin immediately - Gutters/fascia/barge boards & conservatory using 100% pure water - Customer very pleased... [Read More]

Sheringham neighbourhood - 23rd July 2012

GutterVac all gutters, cleared roof moss, 100% pure water wash down to conservatory, all uPVC with added extra Hedgehog Gutter Brush, so customers is protected for years to come. Save gutter clearing expense with the OOTG Hedgehog Gutter Brush... [Read More]

Survey Cromer - 23rd July 2012

Follow up survey reviewing cleaning needs and meeting customer requests this Cromer property has already and will continue to benefit from OOTG cleaning protection systems... [Read More]

Rear of Hanover Road, gutter clearance and repairs - 18th July 2012

Unblocking gutters, washing down conservatory access from rear all within hours of call... [Read More]