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Out of the Gutter supply and fit the GutterMate, proven the most cost effective safest and easiest alternative rainwater diverter filter system currently available.
Rain water gutters and downpipes on buildings are often neglected, until there is a problem which becomes visually apparent and often costly to repair. Guttering becomes blocked with builder debris, leaves, roof moss, rooted plants, grit and sand, rain water overflow can damage patios, driveways and eventually drains or soak away systems need major servicing.  
When fitted to property downpipes the GutterMate provides an environmentally friendly DIY cleaning system accessible from waist height and gives opportunity for easy RAIN WATER storage when connected to a water butt.

  • Produced in black and white to match your existing downpipes
  • Waist height fitted filter allows visual inspection without the need of dismantling
  • Suitable to collect fine sand, debris, moss and leaves making water saved to a butt suitable for gardening
  • Adding additional mesh filter makes water suitable for fish ponds and horse and cattle drinking water usage
  • Material is UV stabilised, will not discolour due to sun light
  • Reminder, don’t use ladders unless you’ve been trained gutter cleaning is dangerous
  • Major safety aspect. Health & Safety Executive statistics show accidents involving ladders are on the increase
  • Ask for details request a demonstration of the GutterMate before you decide to climb a ladder again

The filter can be fitted to any building with a drainpipe system, providing the downpipe diameter is no greater than 76mm.