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Hedgehog Gutter Brush in 4mtr lengths (100mm dia)

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To compliment the OOTG GutterVac cleaning system, using prevention technology we recommend fitting the latest and newest Hedgehog Gutter Brush. Never costs as much as you think!

Fitting a HEDGEHOG is easy and if you do it’s because OOTG protects your whole investment and it’s therefore worth telling you about it!  

Each 4mtr length x 100mm dia’ in black or white the Hedgehog is laid in the gutter or drive drain (brown available to order), no clips, no mechanical fixings, fits perfectly and is quick and easy to install and certainly suitable for the eager DIY enthusiast.  

  • Saves expensive costs surveying and repairing blocked soakaways

  • Solves blocked gutters and drive drain problems immediately

  • Fitted in minutes, last for years

  • Universal fit to 95% of most domestic gutters  

  • Sizes available for domestic start at 75mm-100mm and commercial & industrial deep flow systems 125mm,150mm,200mm large diameters available to order, minimum quantities apply

  • Avoids the need for dangerous and repetitive high ladder access

  • Protects from moss, bird and rodent infestation

  • Fits around corners or over downpipes

  • Flexible so adapts to shape of any gutter or drive drain system

Eliminate constant problems with overflowing water onto your paths, patios or drives from gutters and drain drive systems. Keeping debris and clutter from your gutters.

Take the option/s given and choose what’s best for you!

Costing for example: 

An average modern 3 bedroom detached house totalling 16mtrs front and back, would  require 4 lengths of Hedgehog Gutter Brush @ £18.95 x 4 = £75.80 price is quoted ready for DIY fitting. (P&P prices apply dependant on Qty) - prices exclusive of VAT @ 20% 

So is your property worth an investment protection from The Hedgehog?

We recommend GutterVac clearance prior to fitting, The Hedgehog is fitted free of charge if we clear your gutters first, this gives you years of maintenance free satisfaction.

OOTG can supply larger quantities in units of 40mtrs available call for details, beneficial discounts will apply for the trade

Delivery within 3-5 working days, subject to confirmation and payment terms being met and confirmed via PAYPAL, if you don’t have a PAYPAL account, call us we’ll deliver direct and accept alternative payment arrangements

As stockists & agents for The Hedgehog please note Manufactures’ Warranty applies

Terms & Conditions apply

Prices exclusive of VAT @ 20%

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