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Surveys and Repairs

VIEW DIFFICULT AREAS OF PROPERTY, SEE BEFORE AND AFTER - We offer full replacement guttering systems & repair existing

  • OOTG are Registered installers of highest quality Freefoam rainwater systems, guaranteed minimum 10 years, we replace seals, joints, downpipes, brackets with fixings.
  • We can get other spare parts within 24 hours, subject to supply, we recycle to keep costs down always in agreement with your needs.
  • Problems with birds, seagulls or pigeons we can fit or replace bird protection grilles or spines
  • Down pipe and drain blockages cause serious problems to soak aways and drainage systems we use equipment to best serve and clear blockages
  • Roof moss ends up in gutters and down pipes and seriously damages roof tiles, if not retained within manageable limits expect problems!
  • Onsite camera/video surveys always provide evidence for customer convenience